Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Is wearing mask.

My sis got fever. =( I hope she gets better soon. She was told to quarantine herself for 6 freakin' days WTF?

Ugh this mask is making me uncomfortable.



Me in my PJs. Lol.

Just now had lunch with my supervisor and a close colleague of hers. And we talked about the single guys in the department. Lol.

They wanted to introduced me to some random colleagues in my department, but er... Not my type. =x

I told them my requirements are quite high. Lol That's why I'm single.

Then damn they ask me, so is there any guy in the department that hit your requirement? I lol-ed and said no.

I lied. Lol.

But I did say that I like one of my colleagues out look. He has gorgeous eyes. <3 Like a girl's.

What is my type? He has to be tall, humourous, and looks cute. That's all.

How come my requirement so low yet I'm single?