Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ buys

Just bought a bunch of Michael stuffs. GOT 2 FREE POSTERS! <3

I might not be the biggest MJ fan there is, mom. But he's part of my childhood and I really liked him. And that is real.




Having karaoke session now. It actually 11am but I woke up at 10:30am! WTF!

So I woke up, brushed my teeth etc. and grab my keys. But MY CAR KEYS AIN'T THERE!! My dad had drove it away. Wtf. Then I had to wait till he's back. -.-

When I reached there it's 11:30am. -.-

The first song I wanted to sing was "Remember The Time". So when it's on I was like WTF IT'S THOSE MTV THAT HAS BEACHES AND GIRL IN A BIKINI!!

But there are some songs that have the pv. Like "Thriller". FULL MTV. HAHA SCARY WEI.

And fyi I didn't cry but I had tears in my eyes when I was singing "You Are Not Alone". ._. If I were to sing it for a few times continuously then yes, I'd cry. Lol

"Bad" was super awesome though. He's so good looking in that MTV. <3 He's BAD! X3