Sunday, June 7, 2009


Going to fetch my sis from Kajang with my family. Planned to eat dinner after we fetch her but I'm so hungry now! >_<

Anyways I still love this song so very much! "I Just Love You", originally sang by Five For Fighting, covered by Adam. <3

Too bad he didn't sing this at American Idol. Lol.

BTW I suddenly remembered one of my girls wonder what's so good about Adam, and saying he's too tall that you can see a contrast when he stands beside Kris and Ryan. I was like LOL Kris is short! And so is Ryan! Adam's perfect! He's only 183cm. Guys SHOULD BE THAT TALL for girls like me(167cm)!


Line prob again

When I came back from KLCC, the connection went so bad. X.X

Stupid streamyx. -.- Now my Restaurant City workers will all die from hunger.



Bought a top and 2 skirts today. =D

Yes, SKIRTS! You got a problem with that? >=3


Dark Tunnel

Out to KLCC again. LOL. It's like I had to go there every Sunday.

My sis's out and my mum is at work so that leaves me with my dad. =D

The tunnel that goes there is all dark coz the electricity went out, so without the car lights you really can't see nothing actually. Haha