Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Entertainment Weekly 15/5

I'm loving my Adam Lambert cover Entertainment Weekly! Got it at Midvalley MPH last week.

I searched it EVERYWHERE. Even Kinokuniya. And I could actually missed buying it coz it was back facing me. So I just took it out to check just to try my luck and OMG THERE IT IS!! Adam's handsome face looking and smiling back at me. XD I gasped when I saw it and because it is so quiet there people can actually hear me clearly and all of them turn over to me. Lol

It's kinda crumpled, but I HAVE TO GET IT. It's the one and ONLY issue I saw! My dad wanted to stop me from buying since it's crumpled. BUT I DON'T CARE! It's now or never!

And it's worth it! =D will scan them when I feel like it. Lol.

Going to bed now. Have to fetch my sis to college AND go to work. BORING.