Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unplugged - Aftermath

Attending a rock event beats clubbing any day. CLUBBING SUCKS.

I never head banged so much that my neck hurts badly now. I can't even look down ffs. lol

Before I went down infront of the stage I was standing on my seat. Yes ON MY CHAIR. LOL. The others are like wtf but who the hell cares. I DIDN'T PAY MY RM15 TO SIT DOWN QUIETLY I PAID SO I COULD ENJOY MY MUSIC!

The bands are all amazing. Seriously.

The 6 finalists, there are a few that caught my attention. But there is one that didn't impress me. =/ My fav was The Racoons! XD But then again the rock opera by Pull The Plug was brilliant. BRILLIANT I TELL YOU. HE SANG BOTH THE GUY AND GIRL PART OF PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

The guest performers...

All of them were awesome. Beat The System made me stand on my chair roaring like mad, Rosevelt's vocalist makes me go XD, and holy crap that drummer from NAO won't get tired from drumming for like more than 15 minutes non stop. SIAO.

Oh did I mention I haven't take my dinner? lol

Oh and I love my sis so damn much! If she isn't here, who will be spending this awesome day with me? WHO would even wanna go with me? NO ONE.



P/P/S: There's a bruise at right below my knee. Got it when I was standing on the chairs and I leaned my legs to the table to keep myself balanced. lol


sweister said...

Woi what is this la. How come I've never heard of Unplugged one. I would have wanted to go too! It's not very widely promoted, was it?

kurokei said...

It's an event from my college. <3 It's freakin' awesome yo. I'm definately going next year. <3 <3 <3