Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rock The World 9 - Aftermath

Wtf when did I get this. Lol. Only noticed it when I'm having my shower.

So, Rock The World 9.

Took Starline immediately after work to Bukit Jalil, didn't know that there's 2 ways - to Ampang and Sri Petaling.

As we reached, omfg there was a queue at the ticketing counter and I panicked coz it was 2:05pm. Rosevelt's performing at 2:30pm.

Luckily the queue moved on fast. Lol. We ran towards the entrance after we got our tickets.

Oh guess what, we're not allowed to bring umbrellas, food and drinks and recording devices.

Fuck! It rained!

Ignoring the rain, we walked around trying to search for the Chill Stage, where Rosevelt's performing. I asked a security guard which one is the Chill stage(there were 3 stages) and that bugger pointed the main stage to me. Bloody hell wasted my time there. Luckily I asked another security guard for the correct stage coz I feel like something's not right. That stage doesn't seem THAT chilled.

Luckily they haven't started yet as I went there.

Was damn excited seeing Rosevelt. XD They are the best! I was upset that the crowd that was there previously went away. -.- ROSEVELT IS LOVE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? =/ THEY DESERVE MORE THAN THAT!

No matter, with them leaving I got the best spot. Lol. I was screaming like mad it kinda worries me that they'll fear me. Dx I even NEARLY fainted. Lol. It was bloody hot wei.

The rain stopped btw before they performed. Lol.

Oh and did I mention I didn't take my lunch? So after their performance, we went to find food. I can't even stand properly as my legs are weak. lol

Was about to leave when I saw the 2nd band I wanted to see was about to perform - An Honest Mistake.

IT FREAKIN' RAINED AGAIN, HEAVILLY. The crowd went wild, jumping and pushing around and laughing. LOL. I can't even see clearly as my contact lens shifted. I was so afraid that they'll fall off - how can I drive home if I can't see?

After their performance we ran towards the exit and people was like cheering when we ran pass coz we're soaking wet and running in the heavy rain. Lol that was fun. XD

IF Rosevelt will be performing there again, I will be there. =3 No 1 fan here yo. Lol. We'll be there supporting them all the way. <3


P/S: Oh goodbye my voice. Lol

P/P/S: Omg wow longest post ever. lol


Unknown said...

Haha. My sister does that often: finds bruises and goes, "Where'd that come from?" :P