Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adventure. Lol

So yeah, me and my sis are at E@Curve now. Lol

The overall journey was terrible. Got lost for two hours going to Sunway, the missed the turn to the e@curve. Holy. My legs are so freakin' sore from driving.

Eating dinner now, uncomfortably. Lol. Guess why.



KaedE said...

walau eh i didnt notice i look fking horrible in this pic.. SHIT!!

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha. That picture is hilarious! :D

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha~ Why eating uncomfortably?

kurokei said...

Kaede: Look like Krauser ma. good la. LOL

Joshua: Thanks! xD It's meant to be funny. xD

Reiko: Coz they were just behind me. LOL

KaedE said...

i eat more uncomfortable lor..
facing them leh.. shit