Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anime Hanabi Festival Aftermath

So the event is finally over.

Comments? It was ok. I'm happy I get to wear my maid dress finally and meet some friends there. xD I was actually suppose to be helping at the manga cafe but I got bored so I ran away. lol

Oh and I bought these. I regretted why didn't I bought the whole set of the badges. =_= Now it seems incomplete. =_=

And Miyuki is soooooooo cuuuuutttteeee. XD I actually feel sad when I got her coz I wanted someone else. I mean, I don't hate her but she's my least fav from the bunch.

But after I went home and look closer, OMG SO CUTE. XD

And Nagato Yuki gashapon figure too, I wanted Haruhi or Mikuru. But noooooooooo I got Yuki instead.

But after assembling it, I love it.



P/S: Seminar 80% Done. =D Hopefully can finish by tomorrow.


otata said...

ganbare with your seminar!!!!
finish soon ne? XDDD yay!