Sunday, October 11, 2009

Emo once in awhile

Although I love happy faces,
And ask people to show me their smiles.
But I can't help myself to be emo once in awhile.

I had told myself to stop,
But it seems like not much use,
For I would rather suffer than to give this feelings up.

So I made a pack with myself,
I gave myself a choice,
That I would remain contented and I shall not hope for more.

Though I had make that promise,
Forgive me may I ask,
That I am only human with emotions that never die.


P/S: I never intended to rhyme so it's kinda weird. Lol.


Unknown said...

Emo? Haha--I like that picture. :D You look kind of serious in it. also looks like you're modeling for Adidas. :P Hehe.