Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Spaghetti Club Set - Mushroom Soup

This set is suppose to come with a soup. Me and the birthday boy ordered the same thing.

Then another 2 of my friends ordered a similar set.

2 soups came first. And I don't know why but they were given to the other 2 friend. I didn't really care much coz I only noticed the spaghetti. We was like wtf with RM1.50 difference they get so much food?

So later after we finished our food, the late comers came. And they ordered the same food as the 2 friends.

But the weird thing is, she don't have the soup.

Then it hit me, THE SOUP MIGHT BE OURS!

Fuck. Lol.

Oh well, Happy Birthday Ben! =)


P/S: I'm still debating what I should do before I leave.