Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was awesome!

I woke up with a neck pain and my whole hand was numb coz I slept wrongly. Hahaha. And it was really hard for me to get up, even though it wasn't a nice sleep. The bed was hard. The pillow was hard. X.x I love softness. Haha. But I was too tired to bother all that. Even in the car back from dinner yesterday I was sleeping. Haha.

Going for chicken riceballs then BYE BYE MELAKA! =3


P/S: I FINALLY get to wear the sunglass I bought TWO YEARS AGO! I didn't have contact lense back then. Lol.


Unknown said...

"coz I slept wrongly"

Ah, dude, that always sucks. A couple times I've slept on my arm and the *whole* thing went numb. I seriously "picked up" my arm with my other arm and let go and it fell back to my chest. Hilarious. =P