Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ buys

Just bought a bunch of Michael stuffs. GOT 2 FREE POSTERS! <3

I might not be the biggest MJ fan there is, mom. But he's part of my childhood and I really liked him. And that is real.



otata said...

based on your picture, currently I am having the center DVD *laughs*

Michael Jackson is the greatest of all~~~~~~still hehehe

kurokei said...

xD The 2 magazines have the same content. lol I didn't know until I got home. but I got 2 different posters so that's cool xD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

you got the history concert cd????????????
I want see!!!!!!!

You when free? We go Hana's house want!!!???

kurokei said...

Not HIStory tour la. that 1 is music videos only. haha