Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch break!

Lol at this pic. I was looking at myself instead of my phone. =x

Anyway I've been quite free since morning, since I had already done all my things. Yes the 300 entries of data had been keyed-in in just TWO DAYS! So fast right. =D

Later night time will go shopping with my classmate, shop for SANDWICH INGREDIENTS! For the outing on Sunday. OMG I can't wait for Sunday! XD

And I'll not be working tomorrow. Took an off day to meet the academic advisor, whoever that is. And I'll not be working on Monday too, to do my final year project.

So I can say it loud THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!! Usually I can't say it coz ugh, I have to work every Saturdays.




kim-chan said...

you can do your final project in short time? LOL

waaa time fly fast ne

ganbare for you! and I hope you enjoy this coming sunday ^^

XD waaa tgif for you!!!!!