Friday, June 19, 2009


You know, Polo is a very addictive peppermint candy. And it's the only mint candy I'd eat.

When I was 15, I was so addicted to eating it until I ate it everyday till one day I got stomachache from eating it. Then my close friend, Qi forbids me to eat it. Lol coz whenever I eat it I know I'll get stomachache.

It's like taking drugs! And that's bad. ._.

And I think I feel a bit of stomachache coming on. Lol



kim-chan said...

Polo is nice candy xD
But I stopped eating it since..I form 1? Reason not sure.

Wow you eat it daily last time? LOL
I heard that mint not good for us....X_X

I remember one of my friend ate a whole huge stick of chocolate bar in front of me. So scary LOL