Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lunch Time

Today's lunch.

Anyways Kaede's watching Transformers II now! With the whole Multimedia Design course even, so they basically booked the whole cinema. Lol so nice.
And I heard my friend's going to watch on Friday midnight. Wah I wanna watch too!

But then I'm saving it for Sunday. I'm watching it with my family. =D coz my dad says it's been awhile since he went to the cinema. He and my mum's last movie was "Kungfu Hustle"! Can you imagine? I can't even remember when was that.

I'm so looking forward to this Sunday! X3



Anonymous said...

The last time I went out with my whole family was...The Pink Panther movie XDDDDD!!!!
Is fun to watch together with mom and dad. =D Those exciting feeling X3

hehehe but I will watch transformer with my sis ....hehehe mom and dad dun like robots. LOL