Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wire Cut

Lol. I got a cut.

It hurts. =(


Homemade cookies!

Not by me of course. lol. I can't cook.

Thanks Chendy! I haven't eat them yet. The packaging's too pretty!



LOL. Siang sucks at drawing. =x

There's this Christmas gift exchanging event at my office and there's this wishlist where you can write whatever you wish to receive during that event.

I have no idea what to write so I wrote "Domo-kun doll (google if you dunno what is that) or any Domo-kun merchandise."

Majority of them doesn't know what Domo-kun is. LOL.

So I gave them a sample = my bag.

And so suggested by Beh, Siang drew the Domo-kun.

It was hideous LOL. He drew the right 1 without watching the sample and the left 1 with.

Who is the one that will be buying the gift for me I wonder? =D